Different Types of License One can get in Virginia

When you are driving, you will have to carry your driving license or learner’s permit, and misusing the driving license or learner’s permit is strictly illegal. You may have your license suspended, be sentenced to jail or fined.

Learner’s Permit

The learner’s permit allows you to drive your vehicle if a licensed driver that is above 21 years old is also seated in the passenger seat. The driver must be alert, should be able to help you, and have a valid driving license as well. The licensed driver must also be between the ages of 18, 19 or 20 and must be your brother, sister, step brother, step sister, half-brother or half-sister. If you are above the age of 19 or more, then you will have to hold a valid learner’s permit for 60 days or should have a driver’s education certificate in order to apply for driving license.

Driver’s License

A driving license ensures that you are able to operate a small truck or vehicle that is less than 26,001 pounds and is also exempt from the requirements of the commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Commercial Driver’s License

The commercial driver’s license (CDL) ensures that you are able to drive passenger buses, school buses, tank vehicles and tractor-trailers for 15 or more occupants (including the drivers, or any vehicles that are carrying hazardous vehicles.

School Bus Driver’s License

If you want to drive a school bus that can carry 15 occupants, then you will have to obtain a commercial driving license. You will have to take the school bus and commercial driver tests to acquire the school bus endorsement on your driving license. You will have the restriction of carrying only 15 occupants on the license.

Motorcycle Learner’s Permit

The motorcycle learner’s permit ensures that you are able to drive a motorcycle before midnight and after 4 am. You can drive the motorcycle when you are under supervision from a person that is 21 years old, has got a motorcycle license and will help you from another motor bicycle alongside you. No other person, other than the driver can operate the motorcycle. You should also wear a helmet that is approved for motorcycle drivers in Virginia.

Motorcycle Driver’s License

If you want to drive a motorcycle in Virginia, then you will have to pass the driving license two-part knowledge exam, the motorcycle road skills test, and the motorcycle knowledge exam. If you have got a driving license already then you can add the Class M to your license. If you don’t have a driver’s license, then you can acquire a driving license that is restricted to Class M that will allow you to drive you a motorcycle.

International Driving License

The international driving license doesn’t allow you to drive in Virginia. It is basically a foreign translation of the driving license that you hold already, when you travel outside the United States. The permit will be issued by your local AAA, except to drivers that have already got their driving privileges revoked or suspended. If you are visiting the United States from another country, then you may use the driving license that was issued in your country. It should however also carry the translation of the license. All international driving license that are marketed by businesses in the private sector are not valid and don’t allow you to drive a motor vehicle in Virginia legally. Selling a document that claims to be a driving license is a Class 1 misdemeanor.